Poland imposes its own sanctions against Russia

Poland imposes its own sanctions against Russia

Poland compiled its own list of sanctions against Russia and Belarus with 50 entries, Minister of Interior and Administration of Poland Mariusz Kaminski announced on Tuesday.

"The Polish sanctions list refines the EU sanctions list. It concerns Russian oligarchs and companies that operate on the territory of our country. The first sanctions list published today includes 50 positions," he said, adding that these are 35 companies and 15 individuals.

According to the minister, the list covers companies such as Gazprom, which is sanctioned as part of the activities of EuroPolGaz, Acron, and Russian oligarch Viatcheslav Kantor, who owns around 20% in Polish company Azoty.

"The list also includes all enterprises that supplied Russian coal and coal from Donbass to Poland, as well as companies such as Novatek and PhosAgro," Kaminski said, noting that the list also incorporates oligarchs associated with the Belarusian authorities, as well as Beloil and Kaspersky.

"We will use several types of sanctions. First, freezing financial assets and property of these companies, preventing them from participating in tenders and, in the case of oligarchs, preventing them from entering our country," the minister specified.

"This is the first sanctions list covering the most important players doing business in our country. The work of services identifying Russian companies in Poland continues, as they often hide behind companies registered offshore, and the actual owners are Russian oligarchs," Kaminski said.