Poll: North Korea is biggest threat to U.S. than Russia

Poll: North Korea is biggest threat to U.S. than Russia

Most Americans think of North Korea as their country’s greatest enemy, according to the latest Economist/YouGov poll.

The survey of 1,500 Americans showed 58% thought North Korea was America’s greatest enemy with Iran (44%), Afghanistan and China (33%) following.

Russia tops the list of unfriendly countries for the United States (35%). It is followed by Afghanistan (34%) and China (33%).

The United Kingdom (55%) was named the main ally of the United States. It was followed by Canada (53%), France and Israel (38%).

Among the friendly countries, the Americans named Mexico (41%), France (37%), Germany (35%).

But according to a new poll released by the Ronald Reagan Institute, most Americans view China, not Russia or any other country, as the top threat currently facing the U.S. Additionally, 65% respondents said they considered China an enemy, while 23% said they viewed it as an ally. The polling was conducted for this year's Reagan National Defense Survey, with the institute comparing the results with how Americans viewed a variety of issues in 2018. By comparison, 14% said Russia was the main threat, and 12% said the same about North Korea.