Pushkov: attacks in Brussels show failure of NATO's policy

Pushkov: attacks in Brussels show failure of NATO's policy

"The series of terrorist attacks in Brussels confirms how right are those who try to direct the European Union towards cooperation with Russia in the struggle against terrorism and who maintain that the worst threat to European security comes not from Russia but from international terrorist organizations," the chairman of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, Alexey Pushkov, said, adding that "it comes from the zone of high instability and civil and armed conflicts in the Near and Middle East."

Pushkov recalled that the Russian leadership addressed President Francois Hollande and other European leaders with a proposal for wider cooperation in the struggle against terrorism. "Unfortunately, although some cooperation was established in Syria, there has been no qualitative shifts in relations between Russia and Europe," he said.

The head of the Duma committee drew attention to the fact that "the leadership of such an organization as NATO still argues that the main threat to Europe comes from the East, from Russia." Pushkov called the recent terrorist attacks "another indication of the absolute failure of NATO's policy."

"While NATO is busy with preparations for deploying more military units in the Baltic countries and the United States and NATO are going to drastically step up their military presence in Eastern Europe, people are blown up literally next door, in Brussels, the host city of NATO’s headquarters" TASS cited Pushkov as saying.