Putin spoke about the decline in unemployment in Russia

Putin spoke about the decline in unemployment in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the "Russia Calling!" forum reported that a new wave of COVID-19 incidence caused by the emergence of a new strain has raised questions about the pace of global economic recovery.

“Of course, the coronavirus epidemic has been in the focus of general attention for almost two years now, nothing can be done about it. Its impact on investment, business, cooperation ties is very large, it affects the entire global economy. I would like to note that it - the economy - is gradually recovering, but the pace of this recovery, of course, turned out to be questionable. And the reason is well known to everyone - it is another wave of the disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus", Putin said.

The head of state noted that the world is entering another wave of a pandemic amid high inflationary pressures.

"With regard to the economic agenda itself, a distinctive feature of the current situation is the high inflationary pressure with which the world is entering the next wave of a pandemic," Putin said, noting that inflation was caused by a whole range of factors that overlapped.

As for unemployment, according to the president, it has dropped to the pre-pandemic level in Russia."The unemployment rate in September dropped to 4.3% - this is just the pre-pandemic level. And today we can already say that the labor market in Russia has fully recovered," he said.