Putin to Mirziyoyev: Uzbekistan is very important for us

Putin to Mirziyoyev: Uzbekistan is very important for us

The bilateral trade and economic ties between Russia and Uzbekistan have intensified, in some sectors there has been an astonishing growth in turnover, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the talks with the Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who arrived in Moscow on an official visit.

The Russian President noted that during the months of Mirziyoyev's presidency, "we are witnessing the intensification of our trade and economic ties, to which we have always paid special attention." "In general, we keep the trade turnover at a high level," he stressed. In particular, Putin mentioned light industry and the agro-industrial complex. "Agriculture has more than doubled, and the supply of Uzbek goods has more than doubled," TASS cited him as saying.

As the materials for the meeting say, the import of Uzbek fruit and vegetable products to Russia in 2016 increased by 92% (up to $114.2 million) in value terms, and in physical terms - by 2.3 times (to 142.8 thousand tons). In general, the Russian-Uzbek trade turnover grew by 1% last year. In terms of value, the trade turnover between the two countries declined by 3.9% in 2016 to $ 2.726 billion.

The Russian president also pointed out that Moscow and Tashkent maintain a constant dialogue at the political level. "We are developing relations in the sphere of ensuring the security and defense capabilities of our countries," he added.

Putin expressed confidence that today's negotiations and joint work will become "another very significant step forward in strengthening bilateral ties."

The President of Uzbekistan, in turn, also noted the serious advancement of trade and economic cooperation.

"If we talk about security, then our law enforcement bodies meet, our special bodies meet to compare notes," he said.

Mirziyoyev said that peace and prosperity in Afghanistan are important for Uzbekistan. "We will help in every possible way and support everything that Russia is currently promoting in Afghanistan," he assured.

"We will fill our strategic partnership with quality," the Uzbek president concluded.