"Ramadan Tent" opens in Moscow

"Ramadan Tent" opens in Moscow

"Ramadan Tent" opened today in Moscow near the Memorial mosque on Poklonnaya Hill. The project, which is held in Moscow for the 11th time, will be the center of inter-religious and inter-cultural exchange and communication. Traditionally, during the month, from June 7th to July 4th until Eid al-Adha, which falls on July 5th this year, it will host dinners with the participation of famous public figures, representatives of the authorities, as well as actors, athletes and other famous figures.

"This is a month of meaningful choice of straight path, a month of spiritual purification and overcoming of all possible weaknesses, which we fully dedicate the deep knowledge of Allah and His Word - Holy Quran," the chairman of the Russian Muftis Council Ravil Gaynutdin noted earlier.

The tent will host evenings, dedicated to the regions of Russia and foreign countries, and after the sun sets - it will organize free diners. This year's program of "Ramadan Tent" includes evening of Kazakhstan, which will be held tomorrow, June 8th - evening of Uighur diaspora, June 9th - evening of the Republic of Crimea, June 10th - contest of Quran reciters, June 11th - evening of Bashkortostan, June 12th - evening of Kumyk fraternities, June 13th - evening of Uzbekistan, June 14th - evening of Muslim Women Union, June 15th - evening of Ingushetia, June 16th - evening of Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Moscow region, June 17th - evening of Dagestan, June 18th - evening of Turkey, June 19th - evening of Kyrgyzstan, June 20th - sports evening, June 21st - Qatar evening, June 22nd - evening of "Halal in my life", June 23rd - evening of Turkmenistan, June 24th - evening of Nizhny Novgorod Tatars and Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Moscow, June 25th - evening of Chechnya, June 26th - evening of Indian Muslims, June 27th - evening of Tajikistan, June 28th - evening of Youth, June 29th - evening of Pakistan fraternities in Russia, June 30th - evening of Tatarstan, July 1st - evening of Jerusalem, July 2nd - evening of Nogai community, July 3rd - evening of Azerbaijan, July 4th - evening of Dagestani Youth Association.

It will end with festive program, which will be held on July 5th and 6th.

The Imam of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque Ildar Alyautdinov spoke about the meaning of the holiday for believers in an interview to Vestnik Kavkaza. "For the 11th year 'Ramadan Tent' opens its doors to everyone, for all Muslims and non-Muslims. This year's 'Tent' is twice bigger, every evening is special and interesting, all evenings will carry certain thematic meaning," he said.

"I would like to point out that actually, the government of Moscow helps us in many projects and with many issues. Any project that carries certain social importance. I don't remember them refusing to help us with something, I declare this as the Mufti of Moscow. It may seem that this project is quite difficult, we live in difficult times, but at the same time we always feel support, and we organize this event together," Ildar Alyautdinov stated.

Answering the question of our correspondent about the difference between "Ramadan Tent" of previous years and the current one, the Mufti of Moscow said: beauty, magnificence, size, program

In an interview to Vestnik Kavkaza, the chairman of the Presidium of the Russian Congress of Peoples of the Caucasus Aly Totorkulov congratulated all Muslims of the world on the holy month of Ramadan. "This month was given to restrain your worldly desires and seek eternal. I wish all Muslims to go through this month with honor. As for "Ramadan Tent", it is a good tradition that with becomes more interesting and more serious with each year, and a lot of people are attracted to this tent every. I wish blessings of the Almighty to the organizers of this tent, and wish for this initiative to expand and bring many benefits to all of visitors, believers, who come to this tent," he noted.

As the deputy head of the Department of National Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism of Moscow, the head of the Department for Relations with Religious Organisations Konstantin Blazhenov said, "Ramadan Tent" traditionally opens here, in this place, in the park on Poklonnaya Hill, near the Memorial Mosque, which was built in the memory of Muslims who died while defending our common Soviet Union. 

"That's the reason why representatives of all nations, professing Islam, living in Moscow, are gathering here. Just look at the list of evenings that will be held here, and you'll see that the culture of all nations of the former Soviet Union that profess Islam will be presented. It shows the importance of this event," he explained.