Rasim Musabekov: Ali Asadov has necessary skills to run government of Azerbaijan

Rasim Musabekov: Ali Asadov has necessary skills to run government of Azerbaijan

Ali Asadov has the necessary skills to run government of Azerbaijan at the present stage, Milli Majlis deputy Rasim Musabekov told the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, commenting on the unanimous vote in the Azerbaijani parliament to appoint Ali Asadov new head of government.

"Novruz Mammadov is an experienced manager, for a long time he managed the international department of the presidential administration, he was an assistant to the president, but has never been engaged in the economy and the economic and administrative sphere. I think it was difficult for him to delve deeply into economic issues in order to make independent decisions in times of crisis and respond to challenges in a timely manner. He has a degree in French philology," he explained the reasons for Novruz Mammadov’s resignation as prime minister.

"Ali Asadov, in turn, is younger and has an economic education - he graduated from the Plekhanov Institute - and over the years of work in the presidential apparatus, he has gained vast experience in the field of economics, he served as the president’s assistant for economic issues. He does not need much time in a new position to make accurate, correct decisions. Therefore, I suppose that it was the issue of competence that turned out to be important when deciding to change the prime minister," Rasim Musabekov stressed.

The appointment of  Assistant to the President for Economic Issues Ali Asadov as Prime Minister of Azerbaijan has been included in the agenda of the Azerbaijani Parliament's meeting today and was approved by all 105 MPs. It was also announced that former PM Novruz Mammadov resigned.