"Red tourism" to unite Russia and China

"Red tourism" to unite Russia and China

Russia and China signed two agreements on cooperation in the field of tourism. Signing of the agreements took place during the visit of Russian delegation to southern province of Guizhou. The sides discussed the development of "red tourism".

First document was signed between Russian tourist association "World Without Borders" and the Tourism Development Committee of Zunyi city (Guizhou Province), other one - between local authorities and state "Ulyanovsk Region Tourism Agency."

"We view this agreement as a starting point of our cooperation. As far as I know, Zunyi just reaches foreign markets, international level, and they need reliable partners," said director of the agency Yulia Skoromolova after signing.

Guizhou province also hosts negotiations between representatives of Russian regions on the development of domestic tourism. In particular, Russian regional tour operators, together with Russian government agencies, are working on joint tourist route program, which should not only attract tourists from China, but also help to establish regular air communication between Irkutsk and Ulyanovsk regions.

During Russian-Chinese conference on the development of "red tourism", deputy head of the "World Without Borders" tourist association, Alexander Agamov, noted that in the near future Russian tour operators are ready to send about 4 million tourists from Russia to China.

"We discussed the prospects of expanding tourist flows in both directions and believe that it would be right to aim for the figure of 4 million tourists a year from Russia to China," he said.