Rescuers reach lost Irish climbers at Mount Elbrus

Rescuers reach lost Irish climbers at Mount Elbrus

A rescue team managed to find the Irish climbers after they went off route due to fog, but one mountaineer lost his life while descending Mount Elbrus in southern Russia, local authorities said.

A group of 10 people, six of them Irish nationals, was tracked down by Russian mountain rescuers on the Caucasus mountain of Elbrus, Russian officials said.

The group lost their way while descending the mountain at the altitude of around 5,250 meters due to "poor visibility," according to an official statement. 

They were found several hours after news of their disappearance reached the local emergency center. However, one of the climbers died while the group was being transported down the slope in a cable car, according to the source.

Russia's Emergency Ministry confirmed that "one Irish tourist, born in 1979, passed away presumably due to heart failure" during the descent, DW reported.

The other nine climbers were transported to the nearby town of Azau and "do not require medical assistance," officials said.