Results of 2017: Azerbaijan - leader of South Caucasus

Results of 2017: Azerbaijan - leader of South Caucasus

In 2017, Azerbaijan reaffirmed its leadership in the South Caucasus region by once again gettion ahead of its Caucasian neighbors both by economic indicators, by scale of international projects and by prospects for further development.

According to preliminary estimates, Azerbaijan's GDP amounted to $39.21 billion in 2017, while Georgia's and and Armenia's GDP in the same period amounted to $15.23 billion and $11.04 billion respectively.

Compared to previous year, GDP growth reached 4.4% in Azerbaijan, 6.28% in Georgia and 4.47% in Armenia.

GDP at purchasing power parity (in international dollars) shows even greater economic achievements of Azerbaijan: GDP (PPP) of the republic in 2017 amounted to $166.8 billion, the same indicator amounted to $39.32 billion in Georgia and $27.21 billion in Armenia.

GDP (PPP) per capita in 2017 amounted to $17433 in Azerbaijan, $10644 in Georgia and $9098 in Armenia.

Compared to 2016, this indicator showed a slight decline in Azerbaijan (0.11%) and an increase of 5.99% in Georgia and 5.34% in Armenia.