Results of municipal and regional elections in Russia

Results of municipal and regional elections in Russia

Today, the results of municipal and regional elections are summed up in Russia. Yesterday, the elections on regional and municipal levels and local referendums were held in the majority of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. They took place in 82 out of 85 regions of Russia. Exceptions were St. Petersburg, Ingushetia and the Magadan Region.

The newly elected heads of the Yaroslavl and Ryazan regions, Karelia and the Mari El Republic became known due to the results of processing 100% of the protocols

The vice-governor of the Yaroslavl region, Dmitry Mironov (United Russia), received 79.32% of the vote. They are followed by the deputies of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma, Mikhail Paramonov (CPRF) - 8.61%, Sergei Balabayev (PARNAS) - 5.88%, district deputy Andrei Vatlin (LDPR) - 2.91% and temporarily unemployed resident of Vologda, Kirill Panko ( Communists of Russia) - 1.23%.

The election of the governor of the Ryazan region was won by Nikolai Lyubimov (United Russia), who received 80.16% of the vote. Alexandra Perekhvatova (Party of Growth) gained 1.48% of the vote, Sergei Pupkov (Fair Russia) - 1.72%, Alexander Sherin (LDPR) - 8.44%, Vladimir Fedotkin (Communist Party) - 6.85%.

The head of the Mari El Republic, Alexander Evstifeev (United Russia), won the elections in the republic, by receiving 88.27% of the vote. Albert Fyodorov, head of the LDPR's local branch, gained 5.6%, the chairman of the regional department of Fair Russia, Natalia Glushchenko - 3.48%, a candidate of the Russian party of Pensioners for Social Justice, Valentina Zlobina - 1.76%.

The acting head of the Tomsk region, Sergei Zhvachkin, nominated by the United Russia, scored 60.58% of the vote after processing 100% of the ballots in the election of the head of the region, TASS reports. Alexey Didenko (LDPR) received 19.38%, Natalia Baryshnikova (Communist Party) - 11.58%, Nikolay Rostovtsev (Fair Russia) - 6.31%.

Recall, yesterday the State Council deputies of Adygeya unanimously elected Murat Kumpilov,  who previously served as the acting head of the republic, as the head of the republic.