Ruble weakens against dollar, euro

Ruble weakens against dollar, euro

The ruble was weakening against the dollar and the euro compared to the close of the previous session at the beginning of currency trading on the Moscow Exchange.

As of 12:56 Moscow time, the dollar-to-ruble rate rose by 3 rubles to 58.34 rubles, the euro rose by 2.8 rubles to 59.11 rubles.

At the opening of trading on the Moscow Exchange, the dollar rate grew by 0.5% to 55.29 rubles, the euro dropped by 0.39% to 56.07 rubles.

As of 10:45 Moscow time, the MOEX index was down 2% to 2,033.75 points, the RTS index fell to 1,161.93 points (-2.27%).

At the opening of trading, the MOEX index edged up 0.04% and reached 2,075.99 points, while the RTS index lost 0.02%, falling to 1,188.63 points.