Russia becomes leader in gas supplies to China

Maria Novoselova/”Vestnik Kavkaza”

The Russian Gazprom has become the leader in pipeline gas supplies to China, leaving Turkmenistan behind, the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China reports.

In February of this year, Gazprom sent 2.5 billion cubic meters of gas to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, increasing supplies, while Turkmenistan reduced the amount of blue fuel by about 7 million cubic meters per day. Turkmenistan’s supplies amounted to 82 million cubic meters. In February, its total supplies to China amounted to about 2.4 billion cubic meters, Interfax reports.

Another gas supplier, Uzbekistan, stopped exporting its gas to China completely in February, although it continued supplies in December and January, albeit at a minimal level.

At the same time, Russia has been holding the lead in supplies of liquefied natural gas to China for several months. The country is ahead of both Turkmenistan and Australia. Russian supplies amounted to 593 million cubic meters.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova/”Vestnik Kavkaza”