Russia debarred from Paralympics in Rio

Russia debarred from Paralympics in Rio

The Russian national team has been excluded from the participation in the Paralympic Games 2016. The statement was made by head of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Philip Craven.

According to him, there is evidence that substitution samples took place during the Paralympic Games in Sochi.

"We have a lot of time spent to examine McLaren's report. We have received explanations from the Russian side, but they failed to prove it. We have temporarily suspended members of the Russian Paralympic Committee and, thus, we do not allow the Russian team to participate in the Paralympic Games. We regret and sympathy clean Russian Paralympics who cannot take part in the Olympic Games in Rio, but we have no other choice,’’ the head of the International Paralympic Committee said.

He noted that 21 samples of seven Russian athletes were re-tested. A new investigation was began after the report by the independent committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) under the leadership of Richard McLaren.

As a result, the laboratory found "that it was possible to check only 19 samples. There were 18 scratches on stoppers. It proves the fact that they had been opened," Craven said.

According to Craven, in the coming months IPC is going to re-check all the samples of Russian athletes who participated in the Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi, RIA Novosti reported.

In addition, the release of the International Paralympic Committee reports that the Russian athletes won’t be able to perform at the Paralympics in Brazil individually. Only the all the team may be admitted to the games.

On July 22nd IPC opened a case against the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) after WADA announced 35 names of Russian Paralympians who were mentioned in the report of an independent commission under the leadership of Richard McLaren. On the basis of the report, the Executive Committee of WADA recommended the International Olympic Committee, the IPC and the international sports federations suspending Russian athletes from participation in the competitions.

The Paralympic Games are to take place in Rio de Janeiro on September 7th - 18th.