Russia reports weekly deflation of 0.12%

Russia reports weekly deflation of 0.12%

Deflation in Russia on June 11-June 17 amounted to 0.12%, according to the Russian State Statistics Service.

A week earlier, deflation in Russia reached the level of 0.14%.

Since the beginning of June, consumer prices have decreased by 0.26% and since the beginning of the year they have increased by 11.51%. In annual terms, inflation as of June 17, 2022, reached 16.42%.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, inflation in Russia from June 11 to June 17 slowed to 16.42% in annual terms against 16.69% a week earlier. According to the ministry, cheaper food items (-0.25% over week) due to the ongoing deflation in prices of fruits and vegetables continues to make the main contribution to the decline in overall prices. At the same time, a moderate increase in prices of 0.07% for other food products remained, the ministry added.