Russia's naval aircraft practice strikes against enemy warships in Black Sea drills

Russia's naval aircraft practice strikes against enemy warships in Black Sea drills

Pilots of the Black Sea Fleet’s naval aircraft practiced defending the Crimean Peninsula and delivering strikes against a hypothetical enemy’s warships during drills, the Fleet’s press office reported on Tuesday.

"In the course of the drills for defending the Crimean Peninsula, the Black Sea Fleet’s naval bases and areas of maritime economic activity against potential military threats, the Black Sea Fleet’s naval aviation practiced hunting down and eliminating a detachment of the hypothetical enemy’s amphibious assault force," the press office said in a statement.

Under the scenario of the drills, the teams of Forpost and Orlan drones spotted the enemy’s amphibious assault force that was simulated by the Black Sea Fleet’s large amphibious assault ships and missile boats, the press office specified.

After receiving the target acquisition data from drones, Su-24 bombers and Su-27 fighters of the Fleet’s air formation delivered a bombing strike against naval targets. During the drills, the military pilots also practiced breaching air defenses of a group of adversary warships, the statement says.

In compliance with the 2022 plan of the Russian Armed Forces’ training, a series of naval drills is being held in January-February this year in all the areas of responsibility of the Navy’s fleets under the general command of the Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov.

The naval maneuvers are focused on measures by the Navy and the Aerospace Force to protect Russia’s national interests in the World Ocean and counter military threats to Russia from the direction of seas and oceans.