Russia to help integrate new members into BRICS

the BRICS summit website 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin named the goals of Russia, which is the rotating chair of the BRICS in 2024.

"Russia's BRICS Chairmanship has gained a steady momentum, saying that full-scale work is underway on all three main pillars of cooperation -- politics and security, the economy and finance, and people-to-people exchanges," Putin said.

According to him. another priority is to seek to continue coordinated work to enhance the visibility of BRICS in global affairs and build its capacity to promote a more democratic, stable and fair architecture of international ties.

"One of the main goals of the Russian Chairmanship is undoubtedly the seamless integration of the BRICS new members. We are actively assisting them in joining the existing network of cooperation mechanisms," Putin said.

The Russian President gave an interview to the Chinese news agency Xinhua ahead of his visit to China. The interview has been published on the Kremlin website.

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