Russia to hold Global Grain Outlook in Baku

Russia to hold Global Grain Outlook in Baku

On October 4-7th, Baku hosts XII Global Grain Outlook which is an international grain conference held by the Russian Grain Union, according to the press service of RGU.

The Union reports that Azerbaijan is chosen for holding the conference due to its unique geographical location which makes the country a link between grain markets of the Black Sea Region, Asia, and the Middle East. RGU also notes that Azerbaijan has a positive image of “The Grain Gates” between the Islamic world and the Black Sea Region.

The conference includes discussions on long-term trends of development of grain production, on ways of encouraging investments, including mutual investments by several countries in grain production and infrastructure of the grain market, as well as on mechanisms of financing production and trade.

“Participants will discuss approaches to determination of a “fair” price of grain based on a balance of interests of producers and consumers, as well as measures of providing availability of grain processing products for all population groups in various countries. An important issue is a new quality of grain logistics, building new transport corridors, including the Belt and Road Initiative, building a grain corridor North-South with access to the Persian Gulf and so on,” the message states.

The Union adds that during all years of holding the conference, 3 thousand representatives of more than 30 countries participated in it, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the U.S., the Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, and other countries.