Russian Academy of Sciences' monograph "Azerbaijanis" goes on sale

Russian Academy of Sciences' monograph "Azerbaijanis" goes on sale

Monograph "Azerbaijanis", published by the "Nauka" publishing house as part of "Peoples and Cultures" series, has been published in Moscow. The book is written by Russian scientists from the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and their Azerbaijani counterparts.

"This volume of the 'Peoples and Cultures' series is dedicated to historical and ethnographic description of Azerbaijanis - one of the most interesting nations of the Caucasus, creator of ancient, original ethnic culture," annotation to the book on the publisher's website reads.

The book describes characteristics of historical and cultural environment of this nation (historical and ethnographic zones, ethnographic groups, language and its role in interethnic contacts, history, demography, historical and anthropological information), main stages of ethnopolitical history and history of formation of the Azerbaijani nation.

There's information about traditional farming (agriculture, cattle breeding) and crafts (pottery, carpet weaving, woodworking, metalworking, jewelry), material culture, family and family rites, public life and social institutions, professional and spiritual culture, as well as about Azerbaijani diasporas.

Monograph was made for historians, ethnologists, culturologists, as well as for the wide audience.

The circulation of the book is nearly 1.4 thousand copies. Aroung 1 thousand of them will go on sale, while 100 books were purchased by the Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences.