Russian MFA says talks with Ukraine are stagnant

Russian MFA says talks with Ukraine are stagnant

Peace talks between Russia and Ukraine are stagnant, Alexey Zaitsev, deputy director of the information and press department at the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

"Russian-Ukrainian talks are in a state of stagnation," he said.

Zaitsev said that NATO countries, while advocating for a prompt cessation of hostilities, are doing everything to prevent that.

"The supply of arms to Ukraine, which are valued at billions of dollars, are increasing," he said. "Washington alone sent military products worth $3.8 billion."

"Great Britain, France, Canada, Poland and the Baltic countries are actively involved in arms supplies," Zaitsev continued. "This leads to an extension of hostilities, more destruction of civilian infrastructure and civilian casualties."

He said statements by Ukrainian politicians about their unwillingness to negotiate with Moscow only confirm the importance of implementing the tasks of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.