Russian National Guard eliminates 125 militants

Russian National Guard eliminates 125 militants

Russian National Guard's First Deputy Head Sergei Melikov said that the guard has ensured the protection of the state against internal threats jointly with other law-enforcement agencies.

He noted that the Russian National Guard has taken part in over 160 special measures. "Under the common command of the National Anti-Terror Committee, the Russian Guard forces have eliminated 125 militants and destroyed 287 facilities of the illegal armed formations’ infrastructure in interaction with the FSB and the Interior Ministry," TASS cited him as saying.

During counter-terror operations, law-enforcers seized 375 small arms, 53 grenade launchers, 11 flame throwers, over 70 kilograms of explosives and more than 195,000 pieces of ammunition from illegal possession, Melikov said.

The Russian guard’s special forces have freed 20 hostages and neutralized 80 armed groups since the beginning of the year, Melikov noted.

Russia’s National Guard has also ensured security at 15 global and state events, and has also seized more than 2,000 firearms, over 290,000 pieces of ammunition, more than 56 kilograms of narcotic drugs and valuables worth over $15 million, Melikov said.

Extra-departmental security personnel have ensured the security of over 31,000 facilities, more than 1 million apartments and 166,000 citizens’ property storage places, he added.
"The protection reliability indicator measured 99.9%," he said.