Saakashvili suspected of organizing coup

Saakashvili suspected of organizing coup

The former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and his closest associates could become defendants in a new criminal case. This time, they are suspected of plotting a coup in the country.

The reason for this is publications in a number of media, according to which the former head of state and the former Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic and one of the leaders of the opposition United National Movement, Giorgi Bokeria, met in Istanbul airport on Thursday. It is reported that the subject of discussion was the use of their actions in support of the Rustavi 2 TV company to raise a protest movement and an attempt to overthrow the current government of the country in the near future.

"On the basis of the operative-investigative activities of the Department of the Counterintelligence Service of State Security, and based on common media applications, an investigation was started based on the first part of article 135, which implies a conspiracy to overthrow the government. All the necessary actions will be implemented during the investigation," the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Levan Izoria said in this regard

A reaction from representatives of the United National Movement, declaring the absolute groundlessness of such accusations, followed immediately. Among them was Giorgi Bokeria. He admitted that he had recently met with Saakashvili, but their meeting was held on October 19th, when together with other members of the party he returned from Madrid, where a congress of the European People's Party was held.

Giorgi Bokeria decided not to tempt fate and went for questioning, after which he successfully emerged from the building of the SSS. Meeting with reporters, he said that during the meeting with the staff of the State Security Service he expounded his vision of the processes in the country.