Sargsyan to be interrogated regarding March 1 case

Sargsyan to be interrogated regarding March 1 case

Former Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan will be interrogated regarding the March 1 case, the head of the Special Investigation Service (SIS), Sasun Khachatryan, said today after the government meeting.

He recalled that it is the investigator that decides who, when and on what issues to interrogate and the investigator should be allowed to plan his/her activities so that the interrogation is effective. 

Khachatryan noted that interrogation is not an end in itself, the goal is to receive certain information.

“It has been said numerous times that all those who are associated with the case will be questioned, including Serzh Sargsyan," Sputnik Armenia cited Khachatryan as saying.

Former head of the Central Bank of Armenia Bagrat Asatryan, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, noted that very many citizens are waiting for Sargsyan's arrest. "Most recently, many were very pleased that Robert Kocharyan was arrested. Kocharian and Sargsyan placed themselves above the law on all counts, from corruption to the March 1 crimes. For ten years they were in charge of Armenia's citizens and property. I think that we need an objective investigation, and we should do everything to solve the case of the March 1 crimes," he said.

"Let me remind you that the March 1 crimes, when the authorities shot people who just demanded that the Constitutional Court examine the violation of the law in the elections, is a very big problem for our society. For 10 years this case has not been closed, and I hope, that the actions of the Special Investigative Service will help to answer the question of "who is to blame," which is a matter of concern to the entire Armenian society," Bagrat Asatryan added.

"The current authorities, including Nikol Pashinyan, even 10 years ago said that an objective investigation of the March 1 events is one of the most important tasks. Now they are just fulfilling their promises. But this issue has become a ticking bomb, laid down in the very foundation of our civil society. If there is no objective investigation, this bomb will explode in 5-10 years. The chapter of this criminal case should be closed. The answer, who killed the citizens of Armenia, should be given," the former head of the Central Bank of Armenia concluded.