'Sassoon Braves': epilogue

'Sassoon Braves': epilogue

The story of seizure of a police station by the armed group since July 17, when more than 30 armed opposition members held 11 people hostage, is over Yerevan. As a result of the anti-terrorist operation 'Sassoon Braves' surrendered.

There were seven police officers and four paramedics among the hostages. On the eve of the decisive actions all the hostages were released. A police colonel, Artur Vanoyan was killed during the seizure, while colonel Aram Hovhannisyan, lieutenant colonel Hrach Khosteghdyan and sub-officer Gagik Mkrtchyan were wounded. A police officer Yura Tepanosyan was killed in a rebel sniper attack on July 30.

The situation in Yerevan can be a part of the political struggle for power. The attackers, who are supporters of the veteran of the Karabakh war, the leader of the civil initiative ‘Constitutive Parliament’, Zhirayr Sefilyan, urged the authorities to release him and called on the president and the government to resign.

The seizure of a police station can be the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's trick to get away from the returning of the legal territory to Azerbaijan and at the same time to remove his personal responsibility for failure to comply with previous agreements.

In addition, recently talks between Putin and US Secretary of State John Kerry were held in Moscow, the purpose of which was to work out a common program of action to resolve the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The parties came to an understanding of the need for the gradual establishment of peaceful relations between the two countries, however, there are forces which prevent it.

The Karabakh problem can be solved only through peace talks. The current status quo is not a solution, because it does not guarantee a peaceful settlement to the conflict. In order not to go to his armed stage, it is  A peaceful settlement is necessary as soon as possible to avoid the clashes. It will give an opportunity to Armenians living on Azerbaijani territories to live in peace and tranquility. Preservation of the conflict, which is profitable for the "war party", will only increase the hatred, chaos and economic problems in the region.

The dramatic events which took place in Yerevan suggest that they were based on the Karabakh conflict, backed by the extreme nationalism of the organizers and participants. This is evidenced by the statements of the participants and protesters, a large part of which is directed against Russia. Mediation efforts in resolving the conflict, which are taken by Russia and President Vladimir Putin, does not deserve such criticism. Such attacks cast a shadow on the allied Russian-Armenian relations. 

'Braves' and others like them need to understand that the conflict cannot last forever, and accusation against Moscow's peacekeeping mission is an ultraboundary nationalism which complicates finding ways for a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.