Second wave of flood to come to East Kazakhstan in coming days

website of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, floods may hit the East Kazakhstan region again. A second wave of floods in the region is expected in the near future, Ayaulym Kekieva, senior engineer of the emergency prevention department of the Emergency Situations Department of East Kazakhstan region warned.

"Taking into account the height of snow cover and moisture reserves in the mountainous areas of the region, above-zero air temperatures, including at night, and possible precipitation, a second wave of floods and an increase in water levels in mountain rivers are expected from mid-April",

Kekieva said.

She clarified that the water would rise with the advent of warming in the following rivers: the Bukhtarma, the Uba, the Ulba, the Turgusun, the Kurchum, the Kalzhir and the Khamir. Now in the region, almost half of the territories remain under snow cover, and there is a lot of snow - it is twice the norm.

Despite the risks associated with flooding, there is no threat to the population.

"The water level has been preventively reduced at the dams. 24-hour checkpoints have been set up in flood-prone areas... The situation is under control",

Kekieva said.

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