Serbia votes in presidential and parliamentary elections

Serbia votes in presidential and parliamentary elections

On Sunday, in Serbia polling stations has been opened for presidential, parliamentary and local self-government elections, the Republican Electoral Commission (RIC) informs.

The country is holding regular presidential elections, early elections of 250 deputies of the Assembly (unicameral parliament), as well as elections to local governments in the cities of Belgrade, Bor and a dozen other municipalities.

The current Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić voted in the elections for the Serbian Parliament and Head of State this morning.

Over 6.5 million people have the right to vote in Serbia. One can vote from 7.00 (8.00 Moscow time) to 20.00 (21.00 Moscow time) at more than 8,000 polling stations in the country and 77 voting places in 34 countries around the world.

There are eight candidates for the presidency of Serbia. Nineteen blocs of political parties and coalitions are competing for 250 seats in the Assembly, and they have to pass the threshold of 3% for the new Parliament.