Sergei Markov explains Medvedev's resignationand Mishustin's appointment

Sergei Markov explains Medvedev's resignationand Mishustin's appointment

Director of the Institute of Political Studies Sergei Markov, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, told about the factors that could affect the resignation of Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet and the nomination of Mikhail Mishustin as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

First of all, he pointed out that Medvedev's Cabinet couldn't cope with the tasks assigned to it - ensuring economic growth rates above the world average. "The financial and economic bloc of this Cabinet had no ambitions to implement such a program, saying that the growth may reach 1-2%, and maybe someday - 3%," the political scientist said.

"But Russia needs the economic growth of 4-5% a year to gradually catch up with the EU countries and keep up with China, India and other countries with high rates of economic growth. Moreover, this government has thwarted the implementation of national projects," Markov noted.

"In addition, there may have been some kind of agreement between Putin and Medvedev about 8 years in the government," the director of the Institute of Political Studies suggested.

Therefore, it becomes clear why the president chose Mikhail Mishustin. "Mishustin was appointed with the clear goal of implementing national projects. Economic growth should also be stimulated. Mikhail Mishustin is known as a manager who has been successful in digitalization. Therefore, it can be expected that the digitalization of government and state power will be developed, which can only be welcomed," Sergey Markov concluded.