Shamkhani: US takes hostile approach toward independent Iran

Shamkhani: US takes hostile approach toward independent Iran

The language used by Trump’s administration compared with previous US presidents, the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Ali Shamkhani, said.

While stressing that it is too early to pass a definite judgment on the performance of the Donald Trump’s administration, he said the current trend shows no change in US chaotic situation.

“There has been no change in content of the language used by the new and past American officials, and various figures from different parties in Washington have always adopted an aggressive and hostile approach toward independent nations,” the Mehr News Agency cited him as saying.

"Of course, the fact-based admissions by President Trump about the chaotic situation in the West and the United States is quite unprecedented as we had never heard such admissions from other US leaders,” he added.

Shamkhani also noted that these remarks show that the US attempts at painting over the chaotic and disorganized face of their country have all ended in futility.