Smoke detected at Chernobyl power plant

Smoke detected at Chernobyl power plant

Ukraine’s nuclear regulatory body reported smoke yesterday at one of the rooms at Unit 3 in Chernobyl, adding that it was briefly “liquidated” by the state emergency personnel and the radiological situation at the site has not changed following the incident.

"At 15:57 pm we’ve received information from Chernobyl nuclear power plant about smoke in room 509 of Power Unit Three. At 16:00 the smoke was liquidated by the State Emergency Service staff," RT cited a statement issued by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine as saying.

"The radiological situation in the third power unit and the station’s territory has not changed," it added. 

Power Unit 3 was launched in 1981 and remained operational even after the 1986 disaster. The unit was the last part of the nuclear plant to be permanently shut down in December 2000.