Sochi recovers from flood

Sochi recovers from flood

Sochi is continuing to recover from the flood that took place on Thursday, June 25th. It was the strongest rainfall in the history of meteorological observations. Due to heavy rain, there was 212 mm of precipitations in the region. The climate norm for Sochi in June is 104 mm.

This morning water supply was fully restored in the districts that suffered from the disaster. "At 9:00 the water supply of the city was fully restored," the SochiVodokanal company informed.

According to Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Vladimir Puchkov, reconstruction work in Sochi will be completed within three days. He is controlling work on eliminating the consequences, caused by the heavy rains.

The Minister, together with the operational EMERCOM group of Russia, assesses the situation in this way: "According to our forecast, we have specified plans of our work today. The first phase of restoration works will be completed during the day. The second stage will be completed within the next three days," he noted.

According to the press service of the Sochi administration, the vaccination of the residents and guests of the resort was started today. According to preliminary data, 2755 people will be vaccinated (2150 adults, 397 children and 208 emergency workers and other liquidators).

The disaster management group involved a total of about 1700 people and 450 vehicles. Work on the elimination of floods in Krasnodar Territory is being conducted round the clock.