'Songs of Lingshui' awarded at film festival in Eisk

 'Songs of Lingshui' awarded at film festival in Eisk

The joint Russian-Chinese film "Songs of Lingshui" (Lingshuiyao) about the Island of Hainan, personal and inter-ethnic relations won an honorary award at the "Provincial Russia" Film Festival in Eisk.

According to the jury, the motion picture has successfully reflected the character and life of the local people, capturing the most picturesque and the most impressive natural landmarks of the island. The romantic plot received high praise as well. Proposals to make a sequel to the film have been voiced by the spectators.

The filming began last year on Hainan, and a year later it came to silver screens in Russia and China. According to film critics, the film is a "sort of a presentation of the island's tourism potential."

The film is directed by Andrey Myshkin and Jiang Liu. Sergey Novozhilov, secretary general of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, president of the Amur Fall international film festival, produced the film, TASS reported.