South Caucasus countries named in top 5 wine importers in Russia

South Caucasus countries named in top 5 wine importers in Russia

Georgia and Abkhazia are among the top 5 wine importers in Russia, in total these two small South Caucasus countries outrun Spain, which exported almost a fifth of the total volume of wine imported to Russia in 2018 (43.7 million liters).

Italy was ranked second with 38.3 million litres of wine. Georgia has become the third largest wine importer in Russia. About 37.3 million litres of Georgian wine were imported to Russia in 2018. The embargo was lifted in 2013, and two years ago Georgia was fifth in the rating.

About 28.6 million litres of French wine were imported to Russia. Abkhazia was ranked fifth with 19 million litres of wine.

Professor of the Department of Business Process Management in Production and Service of RANEPA, Galina Dekhtyar, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, noted that the main advantage of South Caucasian wines is their price.

"In addition, these are well-known wine brands. Kindzmarauli and other series are well-known to all. The bulk of Georgian-Abkhazian wines is something that we have consumed all our lives. In addition, we must take into account the older generation’s love for a sweeter wine, which comes just from the Caucasus," she recalled.

“Spanish and French wines are popular, but, firstly, their prices are higher and brands are not well-promoted. But there are still Tunisian, Greek, Turkish wines, whose sales are even lower .. By the way, I think Crimean wines will be popular soon, they are being promoted quite actively," Galina Dekhtyar expects.