Sweden announces progress in NATO talks with Türkiye

Sweden announces progress in NATO talks with Türkiye

© Photo: Social media page of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sweden is satisfied with the talks held today in Brussels on the issue of joining NATO. The country's Foreign Ministry noted that the participants of the meeting managed to achieve progress.

The participants in the talks on Sweden's membership in NATO have made progress. This statement was made following the meeting by the head of the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

"Today we have made progress, and we agree on this. We are moving forward, and in the coming days, we will work intensively to become a member of NATO,”

- Tobias Billström said.

He also expects a positive decision to be announced as early as next week.

"We hope to have a positive decision next week, but this is Türkiye’s decision. Whether it is made before or during the summit is not so important,”

-the head of the Foreign Ministry of the kingdom said.