Swimming season started at Stavropol Komsomolsky Pond

Today, in Stavropol an official start to the beginning of the swimming season was given on Komsomolsky pond, the press service of the regional center's administration.

The city has prepared a lot of entertainment for the guests of the holiday - for children and adults. Competitions and master classes were held on the sports grounds around the lake. Families were able to compete in catamaran races on the water surface, a laser tag competition was held, and later the musicians began their performances, which ended in the eveningю A musical set with DJs was the event's final act, AiF-Stavropol reports.

But in Kislovodsk, the "first bathing season in 20 years on Lake Staroye" announced by the city's head, Yevgeny Moiseev, may not begin at all because the necessary work here has not been completed.