Tbilisi calls US anti-Georgian sanctions mistake

Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza

The announced visa restrictions are a mistaken step by the United States towards a strategic partner, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and Sports of Georgia Thea Tsulukiani told the Georgian TV channel Imedi.

The day before, it became known that the United States banned the entry of several dozen Georgian citizens in connection with the adoption of the law on foreign agents. The list included members of the country's ruling party, law enforcement officers and other persons. The State Department warned that this is the first package of restrictions.

"We can say with confidence that this is yet another mistake that, unfortunately for them and unfortunately for us, the United States is making in relations with its strategic partner",

the Deputy Prime Minister said.

According to Tsulukiani, it can be expected this mistake will be followed by others. At the same time, Tbilisi hopes that the mistake will be corrected.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova/Vestnik Kavkaza