Tehran confirms attack on Isfahan: Israel denies involvement


Iran confirmed the attack on its territory.

Thus, Iranian state television reported that three drones were shot down by air defense systems. This happened in the sky over Isfahan.

The UAVs were detected at approximately three o'clock in the morning local time (02:30 Moscow time). The air defense system was activated, which "destroyed them in the sky."

According to the Tasnim agency, there were no missile attacks on the Islamic Republic. Initially, the US media reported about them, citing sources.

According to IRNA, air defense systems were operating in several Iranian provinces. Let us note that not only the airspace over Isfahan was closed, but also over Tehran and Shiraz. According to the latest information from the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran, restrictions have been lifted from 10 a.m. local time (9.30 Moscow time), but passengers are still asked to check the situation on specific flights with airlines.

Later, IRNA also clarified, citing sources in the military command, that the attack on the drones was carried out by anti-aircraft guns, as they were flying low.

Nuclear facilities in Isfahan
Iran's nuclear facilities are located in Isfahan province. Tasnim reported that they were completely safe and unharmed.

The information was confirmed by the IAEA. The agency said Iran's nuclear facilities did not suffer any damage.

"Agency Director General Rafael Grossi continues to call for extreme restraint and insists that nuclear facilities should not become targets in military conflicts",


IAEA said.

Israel's position
According to sources in the government and intelligence services, the Israeli leadership does not intend to take responsibility for the strike, The Jerusalem Post writes.

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Israel struck back the same way it was attacked",

the source said.

Israel does not intend to admit to the attack for strategic reasons, in order to avoid further escalation. At the same time, Tel Aviv is confident that Iran would also prefer to smooth out the conflict.

Information about who carried out the attack on Isfahan was initially disclosed by the US media, and Israel is perplexed about this: after all, it would be more far-sighted to "keep silent" in order to prevent a new round of conflict.

© Photo :IRNA