Terrorist attack on Turkish Stream thwarted

Terrorist attack on Turkish Stream thwarted

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation prevented a terrorist attack on a gas pipeline through which energy carriers are supplied to Turkey and Europe, they said at the Center for Public Relations of the department.

According to TASS, the attack was prepared by an agent of the Security Service of Ukraine on the instructions of the Ukrainian special services.

"At the time of the seizure of two improvised high-powered cumulative explosive devices from the cache, the planned terrorist attack's perpetrator, a Russian citizen born in 1978, recruited on the territory of Ukraine by SSU officers, was detained", the report says.

The press service clarified that four accomplices of the Ukrainian special services, all Russians, who provided the preparation of the sabotage, were also detained

The means of communication with messages of the curator, instructions for assembling the bomb and transferring money, as well as the coordinates of the explosion site, were found too.