Terrorists fire rockets at Hmeymim airbase

Terrorists fire rockets at Hmeymim airbase

Terrorists fired 17 rockets from the Idlib area at Russia’s Hmeymim airbase in Syria, with eight of them falling short and the other nine destroyed by the alert air defense force, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported.

"On May 22, terrorists made 17 launches from multiple rocket systems from the Idlib de-escalation zone at Russia’s Hmeymim airbase. Eight rockets fired by the terrorists fell short of the airbase. The terrorists’ remaining nine rockets were destroyed by the Russian airbase’s alert air defense force," TASS cited the statement as saying.

Since the evening of May 21, militants of the Jabhat al-Nusra (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist grouping outlawed in Russia) have been launching massive attacks in the southern portion of the Idlib de-escalation zone on the government troops’ positions, using the armor, multiple launch rocket systems and suicide bombers’ vehicles.

On May 18, Syrian government forces unilaterally ceased fire in the area but militants continue to attack their positions.