Theresa May resign tomorrow?

Theresa May resign tomorrow?

British Prime Minister Theresa May could announce her resignation on May 24, as she faces pressure from members of her own party to step down, the Times newspaper reported.

May will remain as prime minister while her successor is elected in a two-stage process under which two final candidates face a ballot of 125,000 Conservative Party members, the newspaper said.

Pressure appears to have been mounting on the prime minister to announce her departure in the last 48 hours amid a backlash of her offer of a “new” Brexit plan that she wanted to put before Parliament.

Lawmakers have already rejected May’s Brexit deal three times so the prospect of another vote on the withdrawal agreement, that many opposition and Tory lawmakers have already rejected and said had not changed much, was met with disbelief in many quarters.

The Telegraph’s deputy political editor reported that the influential 1922 Committee (a powerful group of pro-Brexit Conservative party lawmakers) wanted May to announce on Friday that she will step down as party leader by June 10.