Trump vows Iran 'will not be doing nuclear weapons

Trump vows Iran 'will not be doing nuclear weapons

US President Donald Trump on Friday pledged Iran “will not be doing nuclear weapons,” but stopped short of saying he'd pull out of the nuclear deal the Obama administration and five world powers negotiated with the Middle Eastern power in 2015, Politico reported.

“They will not be doing nuclear weapons, I can tell you,” Trump said during a joint news conference at the White House with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “You can bank on it.”

Asked whether she shared Trump’s qualms about the deal, Merkel said German diplomats would “continue to be in very close talks on this” with the United States.

“It is one piece of the mosaic — one building block, if you like — on which we can build up this structure,” she said. “We want to see what sort of decisions are made by our American partners.”