Trump wins title of U.S. most admired man in annual survey

Trump wins title of U.S. most admired man in annual survey

U.S. President Donald Trump has come out on top as Americans’ most-admired man for 2020, according to Gallup’s annual survey, ending former President Barack Obama’s 12-year run with the title.

This year’s poll results mark the first time Trump has won most-admired man on his own, after last year tying with Obama for the title. Former first lady Michelle Obama still ranks as the most-admired woman in 2020, earning the title for the third year in a row, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in second place.

18% of the U.S. adults surveyed named Trump when asked which man “living anywhere in the world they admire most,” while 15% named Obama. President-elect Joe Biden was third.

The results of the poll, conducted Dec. 1-17, were heavily split along party lines, with 48% of Republicans naming Trump and 32% of Democrats opting for Obama as their top choice. Biden was also a popular choice for Democrats, earning 13% of their responses.

No other public figure besides Trump received more than 2% of Republicans’ votes. Trump and Obama tied on the vote of independents, each earning 11%, while Biden earned 3%.

This year’s results mark the 10th time Trump has finished among the 10 most admired men and the 15th time Obama has made the list, Politico reported.