Turkey to deploy new missile systems along Syrian border

Turkey to deploy new missile systems along Syrian border

The Turkish government plans to install new air-defense systems in its southern provinces.

"We need better protection in that part of the border. Air defense is more a priority than deterrence or offensive capabilities," Sputnik cited a military official as saying.

Ankara plans to develop Serhat, a counter-mortar radar system that will work with the Korkut self-propelled air-defense gun system.

"These efforts will boost and upgrade border security in that area," the official said.

A heavier option is Aselan’s High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). Ankara plans to install two of these systems near the city of Kilis. These will operate in conjunction with a fleet of drones.

Combined, these systems are intended to be used to seal off 70 kilometers of the Turkey-Syria border. Stretching across various sections in the provinces of the Hatay, Sanliurfa, Mardin, Kilis, and Gaziantep, a five-meter-tall wall, topped with razor wire, will be built.