Turkey to offer flexible working hours, longer leaves for women

Turkey to offer flexible working hours, longer leaves for women

The Turkish government plans to roll out a series of new steps to boost women's employment next year, from flexible working hours to longer leaves and remote working options. It will also endorse the development of digital business models allowing employees to work independently of a fixed location, Daily Sabah reports.

The employment rate still lags behind men for women in Turkey and fluctuates around 30%. Turkey aims to boost it to at least 34% by 2023.

The Ministry of Industry and Technology will join forces with the Ministry of National Education for women's employment in more qualified jobs.

Entrepreneurship training for having more women in the workforce based on their skills will also be supported. The government will also expand daycare facilities in industrial and technology zones where companies are concentrated, to encourage women who had to quit their jobs after giving birth to return to work.

Another plan is the expansion of businesses with flexible working conditions, especially in software development and informatics where working from home is possible, to encourage more women to participate in the workforce.