Turkey to start production of Altay tanks in two years

Turkey to start production of Altay tanks in two years

The engine of Turkey’s indigenously developed domestic main battle tank (MBT) Altay has been integrated into the tank, while the mass production of the tank is expected to begin within two years, according to Sabah.

Work on the development of a domestic engine has gained momentum as it was repeatedly stated that the next versions of the Altay would bear a domestic engine.

Turkey successfully completed the ignition of its first-ever nationally developed 1,500-horsepower engine, BATU, that will power various armored vehicles and tanks, potentially the Altay, in May.

BMC Power developed the 12-cylinder, V-type, water-cooled and turbodiesel power unit. The engine will produce 1,500 horsepower and 4600 N-m of torque.

Assuming the main contractor role within the framework of the project, BMC will produce 250 Altay tanks and deliver them to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) under the contract.

The Altay tank is made of composite material and contains a new generation armor type. The firing range of the tank is eight kilometers. With a crew of four (tank commander, gunner, loader, driver), the tank weighs 65 tons. Designed with superior maneuverability thanks to its suspension system, Altay also includes other weapons such as a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and defense giant Aselsan-made Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform (SARP).

Thanks to the new computer technology, the fire control system is stated to be superior to normal tanks.

The Altay will also bear the domestic Active Protection System (AKKOR) developed by Aselsan, one of the vital protection systems for tanks. In addition to tank armors, active protection systems are also of great importance against anti-tank weapons.