Turkish Airlines explains to Russians requirements for flights to Latin America

Maria Novoselova/"Vestnik Kavkaza"

Turkish Airlines has announced a number of rules that must be followed by passengers in order to successfully board flights to Latin American countries, the Russian Consulate General in Istanbul reports.

The diplomatic mission recalled that in recent weeks, tourists, including Russian ones, have increasingly been denied boarding on Turkish air carrier planes flying to Latin American countries through Istanbul.

"The response received from the airline notes that the air carrier, when organizing flights, is guided by ICAO rules and the conditions of the destination country. At the same time, the requirements for entry into these countries are reported",

Consulate General of the Russian Federation said.

In particular, these requirements include confirmation of a hotel reservation. In addition tothis, travelers are checked for luggage other than hand luggage, as well as credit cards and money. If the passenger indicated study or work as the purpose of the trip, he must have documents certified by a notary and translated into English confirming this.

The full list of new rules can be found on the website of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation and Turkish Airlines.

© Photo :Maria Novoselova/"Vestnik Kavkaza"