Turkish army receives first batch of ZAHA armored personnel carriers


The Turkish military received the first batch of the latest ZAHA amphibious tracked armored personnel carriers, developed in accordance with the wishes of the military personnel themselves.

The new equipment is designed for the Marines. It can provide both a safe landing in the areas of operations of the Marine Corps, and after the landing, it can function as an armored fighting vehicle, Turkish Anadolu news agency reports.

Turkish amphibious armored personnel carriers are better than foreign counterparts in terms of personnel capacity, ballistic and mine protection, and are also more effective in combat missions on water and on land.

Let us remind you that the new amphibious armored personnel carrier was first presented abroad at the Indo Defense Expo & Forum 2022 in Indonesia in November last year. In total, the country plans to produce 27 such combat vehicles, 23 of them will be designed for transport personnel, two will be used as command posts and two will be for sanitary needs.

© Photo :Anadolu