U.S. introduces Russia and Turkey sanctions bill

U.S. introduces Russia and Turkey sanctions bill

U.S. senators introduced legislation that would slap sanctions on Russia following its support for Syrian President Bashar Assad, senator Bob Menendez wrote on Twitter.

The bill, from Sens. Jim Risch and Bob Menendez, would also restrict arms sales to Turkey and sanction Turkish officials and those involved in providing weapons to Turkey's military in Syria.

It would also require a report on Turkey's participation in NATO, the Hill reported.

Menendez added that the legislation "will address Turkey’s brutal incursion into Northeastern Syria, but also require the Trump administration chart a path forward for our nation’s efforts to counter ISIS and address our most pressing national security needs in the Middle East."

The Risch-Menendez bill would also require a “comprehensive strategy” to deal with ISIS (the terrorist group banned in Russia), including the resurgence and reformation of the group.