U.S. preparing to attack Iran?

Judging Freedom YouTube-channel

U.S. President Joe Biden is being pushed to invade Iran, former Pentagon adviser Colonel Douglas McGregor said in an interview with the Judging Freedom YouTube channel.

According to him, Senator Lindsey Graham and his former colleague Joseph Lieberman are engaged in this, in particular.

"These people have expressed this wish repeatedly for years. They simply think that now they have the opportunity to finally unleash it. They think they got an administration that they think they can manipulate, they can push and bully into action. And indeed they don't really have to bully, they've got plenty of people inside the Biden cabinet that absolutely want to attack Iran," McGregor said.

Despite the escalation of the Middle East conflict, the U.S. political elite has many supporters of a war with Iran, but they do not yet realize that such possible actions by Washington will involve Syria, Turkey and Russia in the conflict, that is bot going to sit idly and watch Iran be destroyed.

"At this point it may be that Moscow says: look, we don't have any choice, we've got to support Iran, we can't allow it to be destroyed,” Douglas McGregor said.

© Photo :Judging Freedom YouTube-channel