UNM ends boycott, enters Georgian parliament

UNM ends boycott, enters Georgian parliament

United National Movement, the largest opposition party in Georgia, has announced an end to their parliamentary boycott following seven months of refusal to participate in the activities of the state legislature, with the head of the parliamentary faction Khatia Dekanoidze revealing the decision on Monday.

Dekanoidze said there were “different opinions” within the party around the subject, adding the “decision was made by a majority of the vote.”

UNM decided to take up their parliamentary mandates in May 2021 after an almost six-month boycott following the parliamentary elections in 2020 and entered the state legislature on June 8. However, about a month following the Tbilisi Pride events on July 5 - where right-wing protesters attacked dozens of reporters gathered to report on events of the day - the party resumed its boycott. 

The UNM took a majority of opposition seats (34 out of 60) in the 150-seat parliament in the 2020 parliamentary elections.

The Georgian parliament will open the spring session on February 1.