US sees Iranian ballistic missile test as unacceptable

US sees Iranian ballistic missile test as unacceptable

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said that Iran's ballistic missile test on the weekend was "absolutely unacceptable" and promised that Washington would respond to it.

"The United States is not naive. We are not going to stand by. You will see us call them out," warned Haley after a closed-door Security Council meeting, adding that "we are committed to making them understand that this is not anything that we will ever accept."

The new US envoy added that this runs counter to Security Council Resolution 2231 approved in 2015.

"They know that they are not supposed to be doing ballistic missile testing" of anything that can carry nuclear warheads, Haley told reporters regarding the launch of a missile able to carry a payload of 500 kilograms a distance of 300 kilometers.

Resolution 2231, whereby the Security Council ratified the nuclear pact negotiated among Iran and several world powers, calls upon Tehran not to launch missiles capable of carrying atomic warheads.